Multical 62

Excellent choice for smart metering systems and building management systems.

Smart water meter

High accuracy ultrasonic water meter with low start-flow measurement.Providing utility companies the best solution in the area of non-revenue water loses. No more unbilled usage.

Communication and remote reading

Characterized by its large range of communication modules and integral RTC (Real Time Clock). Can be fitted with a data module solutions BACnetMS/TP, ModBus RTU, Metasys N2 and Ethernet/IP for wired communication. Available integrated in wireless network such as WirelessM-Bus and etc.

Intelligent Alarm

With the programming logic in the Kamstrup Multical 62 water meter, themeter is built with the capacity to detect and provide:

Battery life

The technology breakthrough in Kamstrup battery powered meter has enabled the long life span of the meter battery, factory test at 13 years average battery life span.