Compact Heat and Cooling Meter

Everything from inlet/outlet position to energy unit, cut-off dates and much more can be configured individually via the meter’s front panel.

Communication and remote reading

Characterized by its large range of communication modules and integral RTC (Real Time Clock). Can be fitted with a data module solutions BACnetMS/TP and ModBus RTU for wired communication. Available integrated in wireless network such as Wireless M-Bus, M-Bus and RS232.

Intelligent Alarm

With the programming logic in the energy meter, the meter is built with the capacity to detect and provide:

  • Burst alarm signal
  • Water leak signal
  • Also all the history data of tamper and error info code if any
Battery life

The technology breakthrough in Kamstrup battery powered meter has enabled the long life span of the meter battery, factory test at 16 years average battery life span.